Appreciative to the Initiative

North Carolina Fresh Catch would like to thank the following businesses for jumping aboard the Fresh Catch Boat!  Our participating restaurant and food truck partners are sourcing from these fine establishments.   Stay tuned for additions and updates.

Firsthand Foods

FirstHandFirsthand Foods connects North Carolina’s pasture-based livestock producers with local food lovers, restaurants, food service providers, and retailers.  We source from a network of remarkable farmers who raise their animals humanely, on pasture, without feeding antibiotics or animal by-products, or using added hormones.  We do the legwork necessary to get a consistent selection of quality local meats into local markets.

Four Leaf Farm

fourleafFour Leaf Farm is active growing sustainable crops by following organic practices that produce healthy food full of flavor and nutrients. The farm sells at the Durham Farmer’s Market, South Durham Farmer’s Market and Weaver Street Market.  The ornamental garden is a special place.  Four Leaf Farm is focused on the diversity of flowers and foliage that thrive in this region.  See us at the farmer’s markets for plants that produce color and depth to your yard and landscape.

Locals Seafood

locals1_thumbThree key factors distinguish us: traceability, turnaround time, and in-house operations. We value the people and places behind the items we sell. We drive to the coast 3-4 times each week to hand select the best catch from fishermen and fish houses on the coast. From Denny Reynolds crab boat in Columbia to Dewey Hemilright’s tilefish boat in Wanchese, our personal relationships with our sources result in a better product for our customers. Our business model depends on a variety of sales outlets, both retail and wholesale. As a result, we are able to move our product from the coast to the customer quickly, typically within 2 days after the product is caught or harvested. We buy whole fish and have a full time cutting staff who process seafood in our 3000 sq ft HACCP processing facility in Raleigh.

produce-boxFrom Courtney Tellefsen, Founder: “In 2007 I was a stay-at-home mom in Raleigh, NC, with two children under five; I thought: Where is my food coming from?  Am I supporting farmers in NC when I buy from the local grocery store or online? I can’t get to the Farmers Market every week to buy produce with a 2- and 4-year old in tow!!  If it were easy and convenient, more families would be able to support these hard-working NC farmers.  So I sent an e-mail and made a few phone calls. Soon my kids and I were delivering produce boxes to my friends and neighbors!  In just a few short years TPB has grown to support more than 40 farmers and 60 artisan food businesses across the state. And (thank goodness!) our staff has grown too – from one stay-at-home mom in her garage to 200 moms and dads helping their neighbors in the Triangle, Wilmington, Charlotte and the Triad eat healthier. Wow!” 


relayfoods1RelayFoods is the healthy online grocery store that makes eating quality, healthy, sustainable food simple.You will find everything you need to fill your kitchen, including excellent local and organic options in every category. With Meal Planning by Relay Foods you’ll be able to shop meals, not aisles, to put together an award winning menu in 15 minutes or less. Place your order online and pickup your groceries at one of our free community pickup locations or have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Walking Fish & Fishtowne Seafood

walkingfish2Walking Fish is an award winning community supported fishery (CSF) that links fishermen on the coast of North Carolina to consumers in the Triangle.  A community supported fishery (CSF) is based on the community supported agriculture (CSA) model. A CSF involves pre-payment by consumers for a ‘share’ of fresh, locally harvested seafood (i.e., a set amount of seafood generally picked up by the consumer on a weekly or bi-weekly basis). Just as CSAs can encourage sustainable and profitable farming practices, CSFs have the potential to do the same for fishing.

Fishtowne is a locally owned seafood business in Beaufort, North Carolina supporting local fishermen. Fishtowne focuses on buying local fish, harvested by Carteret County fishermen. Fishtowne participates in the Walking Fish CSF, buying seafood from member fishermen and making it available to customers through area restaurants and the Fishtowne Seafood market.