Truly unique North Carolina flavor

NC Fresh Catch is a statewide concert series promoting the richness of North Carolina’s natural and creative resources.  This unique series focuses on creating and strengthening community relationships between local arts and sustainable commerce in North Carolina and abroad.  Partners include a range of musicians and artisans, local and regional farms, fisheries and craft breweries. These efforts combine to ensure the continued growth of sustainable relationships and practices and raise awareness of the state’s resourceful communities.

Some of our values:

-To promote the preservation and protection of significant local resources

-To promote local music, local artists and artisans, and local businesses

-To increase awareness of the North Carolina’s resourceful, grassroots communities

-To help build relationships within and between communities in both rural and urban settings


The Music

NC Fresh Catch and The Hills to Holy Waters Music Arts series showcases an original bill representing a diverse range of musical styles. From bluegrass to jazz to jam rock, the sound on stage is guaranteed to be as fresh and original as the food.

Local Farms & Fisheries

For each event, the festival works closely with local restau­rants and catering compa­nies to specially craft menus reflecting local flavors, highlighting the freshest ingredients and products from North Carolina fisher­men and farmers. Together, we are invigorating the lo­cal, sustainable, agricultural and commercial economy.

The Breweries

North Carolina is leading the southeast in new and ex­citing independent and craft beer breweries. Our goal is to present festival partici­pants with an assortment of exceptional flavors in our “Beer Garden.”

Local non-profits & charity

Charities and local nonprofits represent the heart of a community. We connect with community organizations that share similar goals in sustainability and cultural appreciation. Such partnerships reinforce our commitment to grassroots community involvement, while allowing the festival to have a lasting and practical impact. Each event shares sponsorship with a local nonprofit organization. The tour is in its fifth major stop of its second year and has raised close to $12,000 for regional nonprofits.